Does it always take your congregation ages to mark down their attendance manually on paper every Sunday? Have you ever wondered how the mega churches trace the attendance patterns of their members across every single service, courses, activity, etc.?

ITChurch presents the Attendance System for Church (Church Attend Pro), a perfect multipurpose church check-in system which records every attendant in no time through different devices. System can also generate different reports like, attendance records, absent report, late report, etc. The system enables you to add all your services and events and to then mark attendance and generate detailed reports with a single touch, which makes your management just easier and better.


Attendance Reports such as: Absence Reports, Late Reports, Attendance Reports and etc. With different kinds of attendance reports, church can have a clearer picture on the members attendance percentage and status. These reports can also be used as an indicator for selecting suitable church deacons and voters from the congregations.
  • Annual Service Attendance Reports
  • Monthly Service Attendance Reports
  • Weekly Service Attendance Reports
  • Annual Service Absence Reports
  • Monthly Service Absence Reports
  • Weekly Service Absence Reports
  • Service attendance losing/scoring Reports


Self check-in device supports:


  • Simple and low budget
  • The system generates individual Barcode and Member ID for each member
  • Barcodes can be printed on the membership cards or stickers by a normal office printer


  • High sensitivity
  • Accelerates check-in time


  • Members can use their own personal Octopus cards to interact with the system
  • Manual Attendance Taking
  • Suitable for batch entry or direct input after event attendance

Membership Card Design

The system includes the functionality to create custom church membership cards for members of your congregation, personalized with their name, member ID and photo.

Online Attendance

The Web-based attendance system allows online check-in any time and anywhere, and is not affected by computer upgrades.


  • 會友個人資料
  • 會友/系統編號
  • 奉獻類別設定
  • 奉獻收據列印
  • 奉獻相關的報表 (如:奉獻記錄報告,個人奉獻記錄報告,十一奉獻總覽……)
  • 報表工具 (可自訂所需的報表)
  • 資料匯出EXCEL功能



  • IGT提供首次系統安裝服務


  • 於辦公時間星期一至五, 早上9:30至晚上6:00, 公眾假期除外



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