System Functions

Members information management

Able to store, update and search church member's information effectively. Our system has different ministries organised into different levels (districts/homes/fellowships/small groups). This allows us to integrate with different churches' systems.
  • Personal Information
  • Conviction
  • Church activities
  • Family background
  • Relatives/Relationships
  • Spiritual gifts profile

Attendance Management

Records details of services, courses and other activities. Supports real-time check-in monitoring and total attendance. The optional Barcode or Smartcard reader can be used for faster and more reliable check-in, removing the need for manual input.
  • Services
  • Small Groups/fellowships
  • Activities/Courses
  • Batch attendance input
  • Allows group leaders to record attendance online

Offering Management

Church offerings (such as tithes, thanksgiving offering, monthly offering, etc) can be recorded and modified using the internal spreadsheets of the system. Offering records can be used to track Church-wide giving trends and the offering conditions of individuals.
  • Individual Offering Records
  • Offering Reports
  • Printed Offering Receipts
  • Offering categories
  • Personal offering records
  • Online checking

Courses/Activities Management

Manage members’ attendance for different activities/the level of courses and number of courses, registration application, etc.
  • Activity and Course Registration
  • Activity and Course Setting
    (For example: date & time set as every Friday, number of courses, location and teacher)
  • Online Activity and Course Registration
  • Grades & Evaluation
  • Prerequisite Course Criteria

Pastoral System

Helps Pastors to keep track of church member's individual spiritual conditions.
  • Date & Time Setting
  • Pastoral Records & Evaluations
  • Consultation Types

Detailed Report Records

Our system provides default report formats, but also allows individually customized reports. Information on the report may include the following:
  • Members’ Information
  • Different Attendance Reports (Services, Small groups, Activities, Courses)
  • Produce weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly statistics
  • Course Member Lists
  • Offering Records

Login Permissions

  • System Administrator
  • District Pastor/Parents/Fellowship leaders
  • Small group leaders
  • Individual members


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