Church Website
The Internet has become one of the most essential tools for communication, even among Churches and Christian communities. Good church management software can enable churches to serve their members more efficiently and help leaders to be more strategic. We believe that local churches and ministries can be enhanced by our innovative web designs, which are tied to our powerful Content Management System (CMS) and Church Information System (CIS).


Integrates with Church Information System (CIS)

  • Online Course/Activities Enrolment
  • Online Attendance
  • Personal Offering - Online Checking
  • Online Room Booking
  • Online Library System

Content Management System (CMS) Features

  • Can personalize designs for different areas of the website
  • A User-friendly and handy CMS
  • No IT background required
  • Interactive and innovative functions, such as online enrolment, online booking, online library, forum, etc.

Professional Design Service

  • Professional website design service
  • We design according to your church’s vision, ministry targets and congregation type
  • Tailor-made website design
  • Flash animations
  • Technical and design consultations
2 standard CCMS packages: Basic Plan, Advanced Plan

Why does our church need a website?


  • Allow more people, especially new-comers, visitors and seekers to find out more about your church ministry
  • Create a channel of communication with the congregation, increasing the accountability of the church structure, transparency of operations and other current information.


  • Strengthen the sense of belonging between members of your congregation by providing them with their own updatable “fellowship” corner of the website.
  • Energize your congregation by making it easier for them to interact within the community, e.g.: groups forum, online enrolment, fellowship corners, etc.
  • News and prayers can be viewed online by the congregation.
  • Strengthen your congregation with spiritual training: Sermons review, daily devotion materials, online Bible, etc.


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