IT church

Vision and Missions

IT Church is founded and managed by a group of Christian IT professionals whose ambition is to connect Hong Kong churches and to gather Christian information together onto a standardised platform. We aim to serve God and the body of Christ through technology by providing 'best in class' IT and web solutions for Churches and Christian organizations.

Our vision and mission is to

  • Provide satisfactory service to our customers
  • Provide 'best in class' solutions and services at a reasonable cost
  • Regard our customers as our friends, brothers and sisters
  • Guarantee solutions are implemented smoothly
  • Be a blessing to the Christian community
  • Provide voluntary or “lowest cost possible” services to needy groups

We have developed a good reputation for providing high quality and excellent service

  • By God's grace, our company's products and technical expertise have placed us in a leading position in this field, allowing us to accumulate a large number of customers from large-scale enterprises and companies (see our recent customers).
  • Based on our mission of serving the churches and Christian community, we have always put the interests of our customers first.
  • We are constantly innovating, working on new products and improving our technical expertise.


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